If you want to get buyers inside the front door of your home for sale, you first need to shape up your front yard to freshen up their first impression.

We did the dirty work for you by digging up a list of tips on how to clean up your curb appeal on any budget. Here’s how:

1. On the Lawn

Nothing turns off prospective buyers faster than a front lawn that looks like a hot mess. Clean up your act with regular maintenance by mowing, trimming, weeding and edging your front yard and flower beds – especially before weekend showings and any open house events. And if you can’t do the lawn work yourself, hire a professional. Make sure your grass looks healthy by irrigating if and where needed beforehand; weed and mulch front beds; prune and cut back any overgrown shrubs and trees; and declutter by removing any yard ornaments, bikes, skateboards, trash cans, and garden tools.

2. Perk Up Landscaping

An easy, inexpensive way to make your curb appeal even more inviting is by planting a punch of color with annual flowers and flowering plants. When planting, be sure the mulch in the beds are fresh and filled in. And for an extra boost, you can even add a border or edge to your landscaped beds, such as stone, concrete, wood, brick or metal edging (avoid plastic).

3. Entry Makeover

Your front entryway should be the star of the show, so make sure it shines by repairing, replacing or removing any damages to your front door, screen door or storm door. Clean your front door – maybe even give it a couple coats of fresh paint in a new contrasting color. Pay attention to the details, too, like replacing or repairing exterior light fixtures and house numbers at the front door and polishing door knobs. Final touch: place a big planted pot on either side of the front door to really make a statement.

4. Pressure Wash

Your walkway, driveway, patio, car port and house siding should get a good pressure wash treatment to make it all look like new. You can either rent one or hire a professional. For even more exterior TLC, you can repaint the home (for those of you with a high budget) if it’s in desperate need of an update or just paint the trim for in an accent color for just-as-refreshed results.

5. You’ve Got Mail

Because it’s one of the first things homebuyers see standing at the curb, you’ll need to make sure your mailbox is standing pretty; if not, replace, repair, stain the wood post and paint as needed.

6. Up On the Rooftop

Your roof may go beyond curb appeal, but it’s not out of sight for homebuyers if it looks neglected. Clean any moss, weeds, tree branches or mold from the roof tiles, replace any missing shingles and clean out clogged gutters.

7. Window Treatment

Windows should sparkle, inside and out. Clean all windows yourself or have it done professionally. And make sure your draperies, blinds or shutters look consistent from outside.

8. Overdrive

If you have cracks or holes in your driveways or pathways, have them patched, sealed and repaired.

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