When your end goal is the sale of your home, you want to take advantage of all the tools and opportunities available throughout the process that you can to have your home seen by prospective buyers. 

Hosting an open house still proves to be a strong one, so we’ve rolled out the red carpet to give you an inside look at the reasons why an open house should definitely be part of your home sale strategy.

Why host an open house?

Delivers buyers right to your doorstep.

Yes, they may have seen your fabulous professional photos in your online listing, but there’s nothing like interested buyers walking through the front door and into a live look at your home’s floor plan. Through Open House signage, that could attract both casual and serious buyers. And, sometimes those buyers may even be led to your open house via your neighbors, who may want to drop in and tell others about it. This is also your chance to showcase your home looking its best, from curb appeal to interior charm, which is best accomplished with these staging tips: Take action and set the stage!

Gives you control on your terms.

You set the date and time that’s best for you and your family’s schedule because, after all, this is an event in your home. Which is much less stressful than the last-minute showings that force you to constantly keep your home on “show-ready standby,” i.e., floors routinely swept and vacuumed, corners and counters clutter-free. With a scheduled open house, you can also be prepared to serve up extras, like cookies and refreshments, fresh flowers in vases and more. 

Sets your house apart from others.

An open house is the perfect setting for buyers to be able to compare and contrast with other open houses that may also be happening in your neighborhood or areas nearby. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd and lock in that interested buyer who doesn’t feel rushed and who may even bring friend or family along for their opinions.

Adds exclusive extras.

For instance, if you have stellar neighbours, show them off and invite them over for a sort of meet-and-greet so they can talk up the neighbourhood and interested buyers can ask them questions about the community. Because we all know how important it is to have good neighbours. Social situations like this open the floor for more conversations between buyers, neighbours and agents. You can even offer open house attendees a printout of an insider’s list of your favourite restaurants, shops, grocery stores, spas, doctors, daycares, schools and more.

Cuts marketing costs.

Because you were able to have more people view your home in a shorter amount of time, it often means a faster sale, which reduces those sales and marketing costs. An open house also allows you to pay to deep-clean the house once, the staging once, and prepare your home for the next homeowner.

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